Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Meros is built upon fundamental research, constant discovery, flexibility and the belief that no single measure of value can be universally applied across all sectors or industries. The team considers new purchases primarily on upside/downside ratio, which incorporates valuation and risk management into the security selection process. The process allows the team to consider investments across the growth/value spectrum.


Micro Cap

Meros’ Microcap Strategy reflects decades of lessons learned by the Meros team – including research methods, trading, position sizing, product sizing, market and behavioral dynamics. We believe a moderately concentrated portfolio of 30-45 positions and an opportunity-focused research philosophy is the best way to generate returns in this segment of the market.

Inception Date: March 31, 2014

Benchmark: Russell Microcap Index

Portfolio Composition: 30-45 Stocks

New Investment Range: < $1 billion

Meros’s Nanocap Strategy was created as a way to gain exposure to the expansive sub-segment of microcap stocks that exhibit minimal or sporadic liquidity but that otherwise present a compelling investment opportunity. Such stocks are difficult to own in sufficient size to influence large AUM products. The strategy was created as a vehicle to gain concentrated exposure to our best illiquid ideas.